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Matarajin (摩多羅神) (alternative pronunciations can be Madarashin or Matarashin) also known as Matarakishin (摩多羅鬼神) is a multifaceted Shinto-Buddhist syncretic kamisama/deva.

Among many other things, he’s considered a shukujin , a dousojin, and a protector of the Amida Sutra. In general, he’s taking on the role of hindrances and obstacles for people to overcome during their lives and embodies everything people dread, including the unknown.

The primary symbols associated with him are the Big Dipper constellation, the Pole Star, the Okina mask used in Noh performances and the image of a black ox.

For all intents and purposes, I’m going to refer to him as a kami.

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